Tools and methods for biodiversity management

III - Integrating biodiversity policies, programmes and activities

The third phase entails the action that the company takes after an analysis of its interdepedence on biodiversity.

  • Drafting of a new policy on biodiversity (monitoring system, written policy, product tracing mechanism, supplier requirements)
  • Integrating biodiversity into (environmental) management systems
  • Improving company’s interdependence on biodiversity (other suppliers, different harvesting method, alternative production method etc.)
  • Collaborating with stakeholders

Corporate Biodiversity Management

The University of Lueneburg has developed a handbook for corporate biodiversity management. The handbook analyses the companies’ influence on biodiversity and offers specific steps towards the conservation of biodiversity. The methodology makes the handbook applicable to businesses in all branches, providing guidance on corporate management tools to support a successful biodiversity protection in the following fields of corporate action:
  • sites and facilities,
  • supply chains, commodities and materials,
  • product design,
  • production and manufacturing processes,
  • transport and logistics and
  • personnel
The Handbook is published by the Initiative "Biodiversity in Good Company”:

You can find the "Corporate Biodiversity Management Handbook" as a pdf-document here: EN / DE

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