M.Sc. Rudolf Schmid

MELES GmbH - Authorized Representative

M.Sc. Rudolf Schmid is an agroecologist and farmer with long-year experience in planning, implementing and monitoring biodiversity-enhancing measures in agricultural landscapes. His main expertise lies in cultivating diverse conservation areas and flower strips considering site conditions and conservation aims. Establishing such areas is a practicable method to enhance the biodiversity in premises and can even contribute to conservation aims at a larger scale, e.g. by establishing stepping stones across industrial parks for endangered species typical for the respective region.
since 1984: farmer in Traiskirchen, Lower Austria
1987 - 2008: Studies in Biology/Botany at the University of Vienna
1999 - 2014: Biodiversity monitoring and developing management-plans for the Viennese Contract Conservation programme
2009 – 2014: Biodiversity monitoring and developing management-plans for two transnational EU-projects on the subject „Nature conservation by greenings in viticulture“
since 2003: Ornithological and botanical monitoring in Eastern Austrian agricultural landscapes for engineering offices.
2007 – 2008: Staff member in the project „Biodiversity in Austrian agricultural landscapes” under direction of Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Grabherr
since 2014: Freelancer and authorized repesentant of MELES GmbH – Consulting Engineers for Biology with focus on biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and premises.

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