Dr. Stefan Hermann Siemer

Ambulanz fuer neue Kommunikation - Chef

I am a brand and communications strategist and a sustainability researcher. 2009 I founded the Ambulanz für neue Kommunikation (afnk, “Ambulance for new Communication”).
Prior becoming self employment I worked as a senior strategist at &EQUITY, Hamburg, as project leader at the German Institute for Social Economy, Kiel, as a scientific leader at the Institute for Brand Development, Graz, and as a researcher at several universities.
Professional experience (project lead):
Media, tourism, retail, FMCG, home care, beauty, education, fashion, finance, food & beverage, insurance, energy, telecommunication, natural cosmetics, pharma, health care, social service providers, senior citizen economy, aid organisations etc.
I am freelancer, however I do not always work alone. Depending on the project partners and requirements I have access to a network of specialists, who belong to the best in their field.

For more information please see:
www.afnk.de : site is under construction.

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