Tools and methods for biodiversity management

II - Analysing your biodiversity linkages

In order to ease your search for relevant tools and methods for the management of biodiversity we have arranged the information according to the four phases of the management cycle: The second phase consists of an analysis of the results. This will be done by assessing the risks and opportunities that arise. A risk analysis could include regulatory, physical, financial and publicity risks.
Corporate Ecosystem Service Review (ESR) More than 300 companies have used and implemented the "Corporate Ecosystem Services Review” which helps business identify the risks and opportunities arising from their companies’ dependence and impact on ecosystems. The ESR is a tool for strategy development, not just for environmental assessment.
Businesses can either conduct an Ecosystem Services Review as a stand-alone process or integrate it into their existing environmental management systems. The Review was developed by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, the World Resource Institute and the Meridian Institute.

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Many ecosystem services are taken for free and unlimited. Market prices are lacking. Even though there is of course an intrinsic value in species a company benefits from the definition of a clear monetary value in quantifying risks and opportunities arising from biodiversity and ecosystem services.

There is no economic valuing tool for biodiversity and ecosystem available yet. But the results of the the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Review and the Ecosystem Valuation Initiative launched by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development will bring progress on the methods of integrating biodiversity and ecosystem related risks and opportunities into management decisions and financial reporting.

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